• Featured Interview with Italian Artist The H Lazarus

      IHLET: I’m excited to be speaking with you, today, The H Lazarus. I’m looking through your portfolio right now, and I’m blown away. Let’s go ahead and get this interview started. Could you tell me the style in which you create your pieces? The H Lazarus: As banal as it can sound, I try to …...

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  • Featured Interview with Graphic Designer Blesnoc George aka Fs ANTA

    IHLET: Introduce yourself. We would like to know more about the artist behind the art-works. Fs ANTA: Hi there! My name is Blesnoc George Cristian aka Fs ANTA I’m 25 years old from Romania. I have a bachelor degree in fine arts. Now I live in Spain and I’m preoccupied with learning product design at...

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  • Glimpse into Charlotte Caesar’s Illustrated Galaxy

    IHLET: Bonjour, Charlotte. Please tell us something about you and your area of interest. Charlotte Caesar: Hi there, my name is Charlotte Bourgeois aka Caesar I’m 22 years old and I was born in Northern France. I spend my time in Belgium for my studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai in the digital...

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  • Surreal Photography by Giada Laiso

    IHLET: How did your relationship with art began? What kept you motivated to carry on? Giada Laiso: I went to high school of Art and I studied painting for five years and this has greatly influenced my photography style. I started taking pictures a few years ago. I had many ideas in my mind and …...

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  • Belgium-Based Comic Book Artist and Musician GrisFX

    Grisfx or François-Xavier Grislain is a french artist currently living and working in Belgium. His art-works caught our attention. Check out his story.   IHLET: We’re interested to knowing more about how did you became interested in comics and why you decided to start doing it. Grisfx: The story began...

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  • Featuring UK Based Ilustrator Marija Tiurina

    IHLET: We are glad to be talking with you, Marija Tiurina. We know you are currently living in London. Can you tell us what brought you here and how are things working out for you in the UK so far. Marija:  I realized that I had to leave my home country in the search of …...

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  • Interview with Bucharest-based Artist Giorge Roman

    IHLET: We’re very impressed by your work and we’d like to know more about Giorge Roman. Tell us your story Giorge Roman: I am a freelance visual artist, probably that’s the label, currently residing in Bucharest, Romania. I’m self-taught. I came out from formative hiding in 2009, from that point on I...

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    IHLET: Everyone knows you by the name Sohodoll, would you like to tell us the story behind it? Sohodoll: I had to find a name for different photography website platforms and I was listening to Sohodolls a lot. It’s funny how some people know me by my real name and some others by Sohodoll, haha. …...

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    Los Angeles based street artist “SAND ONER” has blessed us with everything from walls, clothing, trucks, and food stands from L.A. to MIA with her colorful and stylized “CHOLAS.”  Now IHLET gets a chance to sit down and talk with the talented artist about L.A., her artwork, and the confident...

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    With a wide array of influences and styles, mixed-media artist Julie Friel effortlessly jumps from canvas to walls and everything in between. We got a chance to interview the multi-talented artist and ask her a few questions.  IHLET: When you start your painting do you begin with a certain message or does it evolve...

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    “Nived3rd” is an abstract jack of all trades. From street art to rocking the mic his work bounces and reflects off each other seamlessly. His art is influenced by psychedelic journeys through the mangroves of Miami with the alligator slurking about and the workings of the sub-conscious labyrinth of...

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  • Featured Interview with Dadeism

    After a grueling two years of production, two radio debuts and eight months in hiding, underground Hip Hop producer and engineer Dadeism gives IHLET some much needed face time to discuss trials and tribulations, friends, love, work and of course a brand spanking new LP in the works!   IHLET: So what’s good?...

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25Jul2013 • Views: 2006

REVUE – the fashion photography legacy of Eugenio Recuenco

Worldwide acclaimed Fashion Photographer Eugenio Recuenco launches a retrospective book entitled “REVUE” which showcases an exquisite selection of his best artworks. The book will

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3D Fashion Photography by Matjaz Tancic

09Jan2013 • Views: 1367


01Aug2013 • Views: 3265

Milou Maass, an illustrator, graphic designer and model from Netherlands

With amazing line work and great graphical sense, Milou Maass is a multi-talented artist living and working in Amsterstam as an illustrator, graphic designer and model. Her distorted portraits are

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Alex Trochut designing for Puma

07Jan2013 • Views: 6473