Sweet Toof and Cyclops – London Street Artist Duo

Published on: 03Apr2012

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Recently featured in Banksy’s Exit through the Gift Shop, Sweet Toof and Cyclops are underground graffiti artists who work as a pair. Sweet Toof has been honing in England since the 1980’s spraying walls creating images of teeth and gums playing havoc and his graffiti style evolving together with his heavy influence by the Vanitas paintings of the sixteenth century Europe, Mexican Day of the Dead, Subway Art, and the underground comics of Vaughn Bodé, his characteristic gummy chompers are a true mash-up of street and studio. Combine that with an amazing French street artist, Luc Price, who also goes by the name Cyclops, a member of the Burning Candy Collective and has been making waves on the street art scene and you’ll get Sweet Toof and Cyclops – a great London street artist duo.Sweet Toof and Cyclops work as a fused street art duo creating medium, large and super large scale art pieces on almost any surfaces – buildings, construction sites, store shutters, box trucks, subway cars, water tanks, etc. Giant pink gums and toothy mouths are their work’s signature element mostly along with sleepy-eyed skulls or other random creature heads. Cyclops is credited with painting the skulls while Sweet Toof adds the mouths, which allows them “to get a big image out in a limited time.” Sweet Toof and Cyclop’s work can be found in London, Leeds and Bristol, UK, New York, Italy, Spain and Japan.Related Posts:

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Remi Rough: London Legend Street Artist Like Sweet Toof and Cyclops on Facebook: facebook.com/Sweet-Toof-and-Cyclops/~~~

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