Love In Absentia at Luna Rienne Gallery in New York by Jenn Porreca

Starting March 2, Luna Rienne Gallery will be hosting a impressive collection of new art-works by Jenn Porreca. Luna Rienne Gallery fromn San Francisco was formerly known as fabric8 and is located on 3318 22nd Street near Valencia.

Jean Porreca has studios both in Los Angeles and London and her works have been showcased in the US, Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. This is her first solo exhibition in San Francisco.

With Love In Absentia, Porreca explores the challenge of doing something as simple as loving each other in the chaotic and complex modern world. With everyone’s reality becoming increasingly fragmented, she attempts to connect the viewer with the universal stream of consciousness through the line in her work. The tension and release of painterly expressionism juxtaposed with the sharp, controlled line represent her search for balance in the duality of life and death.

Love In Absentia at Luna Rienne Gallery in New York by Jenn Porrecaaaron

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