Marcel Everett aka XXYYXX

Working his way up, XXYYXX is Marcel Everett, a 16 year old producer whose potential puts him on our watchlist! Originally from Florida, it’s amazing how he got from composing songs in his room to playing with artists that he used to have on his iTunes. XXYYXX managed to impress us with an original approach and style which is almost untag-able. When asked how he would describe his music, Marcel Everett likes to call it experimental bass cause in fact that’s what he does. Even though he modestly calls his music experimental, he creates his own synths from scratch and brilliant use of different effects and filters.

XXYYXX already released three albums under the label Relief in Abstract Records and can be listened here:

You can also purchase T-shirts or tote bags at:

Marcel Everett aka XXYYXXaaron

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