3000 Teardrops – Unveiling of Dalton Ghetti's 9/11 Memorial

1 Before 2000, 911 was just the number you call for help with an emergency. In 2001, something happened in New York that changed the lives of countless people – from all walks of life. The September 11 terrorism attack in NY caused pain, loss, fear, uncertainty…name it, but it also conjured a new meaning for the numbers 911. Pencil sculptor Dalton Ghetti shares his memorial in a very unique way.

2 Some graffiti artists sprayed walls portraying condemnation of the terrorists, contemporary urban artists and illustrators showed painful, gore or portrayed images of acceptance and moving forward, photographers showed the fire, ashes, faces streaked with terror and dread to the whole world as they caught the horrible violence in action and the excruciating aftermath.

3 The entire populace mourned and shed tears.

4 Tears. One of the many people who was affected with the 9/11 terrorism is Dalton Ghetti. Using only his hands, naked eyes and a razor blade, he created one teardrop in little less than one hour. The teardrops are about the size of a grain of rice. Combined, they make one large, two-dimensional dark teardrop against a white background. He started this project nearly a decade ago. Today, we share with you the unveiling of his “Remembrance Through the Arts” at New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, Connecticut USA.

3000 Teardrops - Unveiling of Dalton Ghetti's 9/11 Memorialaaron