1 IHLET: Everyone knows you by the name Sohodoll, would you like to tell us the story behind it?

Sohodoll: I had to find a name for different photography website platforms and I was listening to Sohodolls a lot. It’s funny how some people know me by my real name and some others by Sohodoll, haha.

2 IHLET: When did you start taking photographs? How was your first experiences with a camera?

Sohodoll: I had my first camera in high school, but I think that all I did back then is a collection of snapshots and subconsciously stories, only for 1-2 years now I’m really taking it more seriously.

3 IHLET: Tell us more about your background. What influenced you to see a future career in photography?

Sohodoll: I used to draw/paint from a very young age every single day. I always wanted to do something related to visual arts, so photography came pretty much naturally. I remember my art mentor (Mihai Vasile) telling my mom years ago that he sees in me a huge potential and I am thankful everyday for how much he believes in me.

4 IHLET: Do you think your style is more appreciated in the UK than it was in Romania?

Sohodoll: If we talk in general, definitely yes. Romania doesn’t really have an art audience and also when it comes to fashion magazines ( which are very few in comparison with London) it plays very safe. Until now, I had totally creative control and freedom regarding my work as in concepts, art directing and post production so I hope it will stay like this, even if it can be very tricky at times when being commissioned by big names.

5 IHLET: Why did you choose to study in London? How did you take this change?

Sohodoll: I felt that I had no direction and that it was something lacking in my work. I decided to apply to the best art schools in London and in New York at Pratt Institute even if I wasn’t sure I will get in. I’ve been accepted to them all and now here I am, just being grateful for the good things that happen in my life. I sometimes wish I was studying and living in NY, but I know is no long until then.

6 IHLET: How did London influence your work?

Sohodoll: By giving me confidence and creative individuals who I work with.

7 IHLET: I’m intrigued by your peculiar choice of models and locations.Could you take us behind your lens and tell us more of how you prepare your shots?

Sohodoll: I’m doing moodboards and thinking of everything, from model to location, from makeup to styling and audience. For location and models, I personally scout both of them and I’ve been lucky enough to build a strong relationship with most of the best model agencies.

8 IHLET: What skills do you find invaluable for surviving in the art world?

Sohodoll: Talent, hard work, honesty, patience and being able to survive the industry.

9 IHLET: Would you like to share other interests except photography with us?

Sohodoll: I love music. Arts in general. Humans. And to travel.

10 IHLET: You have been involved in a lot of projects lately. We’d like to know how do you choose your collaborators and who you enjoy working with.

Sohodoll: Indeed, I like keeping myself busy. As much as I have commissioned fashion shoots, I’m also doing my personal projects (documentary work, diary photographs, videos etc). It’s very hard finding the right people who are fully committed to your projects, especially if there’s no budget – everyone in the industry knows how hard it is; that’s why you have to come with good ideas. If you are an artist, you have to respect your work as much as you respect yourself. You never need to change your shape to fit the mainstream and if you do, then you should quit it.

11 IHLET: What’s your future plans and projects?

Sohodoll: Love always, getting better and better, being productive and hardworking, travel, move to New York in less than 2 years, shoot Givenchy campaigns, Lana del Rey and things like these. And I’m confident enough to know I will make them happen.