1 Nived3rd” is an abstract jack of all trades. From street art to rocking the mic his work bounces and reflects off each other seamlessly. His art is influenced by psychedelic journeys through the mangroves of Miami with the alligator lurking about and the workings of the sub-conscious labyrinth of memories and premonition. Growing up in the streets of “little Haiti” listening to the old school bass in your face sounds had a profound effect on his style and swagger. His latest collection of paintings named “Caterpillar Droppings” consists of distorted shapes, drips, and use of leaf piles as organic stencils. “I am trying re-create sidewalk stains and water damaged walls in a colorful fun way.” The pieces haunt your imagination and put you in a place of peace and tranquility.

2 Nived is also known for his street art, his sleek hand cut vinyl stickers of his infamous eyeball logo can seen around the streets of Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, London, and Mexico. What started off as fun on his drunken walks home from the bars of Coconut Grove turned into a burning passion. This young artist started to realize the impact of graffiti when people started to really take notice of his work.

3 Nived3rd is also a spoken word poet/M.C. his flows have been described as slithery, well pronounced, and seductive. He uses abstract imagery in a William Burroughs cut-up method to capture the imaginations of his listeners. His originality and trap door metaphors set him apart from the everyday radio friendly rapper. You can checkout his 2009 LP Crow Kidz w/producer Hydroplane which rocked the underground glitch hop scene in Miami. He is currently working on a solo album due out early 2013, check out his SOUNDCLOUD. We sit down with the infamous “Nived3rd” to ask a few questions and better understand his psyche.

4 IHLET: What ignites you to work on an art piece?

Nived3rd: My surroundings around me, weed, everything really. Life in general.

5 IHLET: What techniques do you use to bring out the color combinations in your paintings?

Nived3rd: I’m very intuitive with my color schemes. I don’t preconceive colors. I just let mistakes happen and through that beautiful things appear.

6 IHLET: The images you create contain intricate patterns. Do you make sketches first before actually painting on canvas?

Nived3rd: Never, I never make sketches beforehand. I just mix and match techniques I’ve learned through the years of experimenting.

7 IHLET: How did growing up in Miami during the 80’s affect you?

Nived3rd: The Miami bass scene, old school graffiti writers, growing up on the streets of Little Haiti, and shoplifting as a kid, definitely made me the artist I am today, from the colors I use, to the sounds I make is all the way MIA.

8 IHLET: Which do you find more challenging, making music or painting art pieces?

Nived3rd: Making music hands down.

9 IHLET: Which artists influenced your style in art or in music?

Nived3rd: Mid 90’s hip hop, the beatnik generation, Bryan Gyson, William Burroughs, and boring elementary classes that made me doodle.

10 IHLET: What does the “3rd” in Nived3rd mean?

Nived3rd: That’s my third eye, my pineal gland, it’s something i’ve been addicted to drawing since back in the days, people noticed and started calling me Nived the third eye monster. The rest is history.

11 IHLET: Can you tell us about the stencils you use?

Nived3rd: I call them organic stencils, because they come from earth, like gathered leaves, grass, stems, and sand. I pile it on the canvas and attack it with spray-paint. When I wipe off the organics… the magic remains. And then after that I just zone out and let intuition take over.

12 IHLET: With so many outlets of creativity, do you approach each one the same?

Nived3rd: Well I’m A man with a lot of passions, and I love each one for different reasons. The essence of each medium is the same but the process is completely different.

13 IHLET: What are you currently working on? Any future projects?

Nived3rd: Currently a follow up album from the Nived ‘n’ Hydro “Crow Kidz” album, new paintings for my “Caterpillar droppings” collection , and some graphic design work.