Featuring Ilustrator Marija Tiurina

1 IHLET: We are glad to be talking with you, Marija Tiurina. We know you are currently living in London. Can you tell us what brought you here and how are things working out for you in the UK so far.

Marija:  I realized that I had to leave my home country in the search of the freshest art and technology-based higher education, and I went for London – the European capital of art and design that offers anything an artist can ever wish for.

2 IHLET: Are you working as a freelancer now or for a particular company? Would you like to tell us more about your projects and collaborations.

Marija:  At the moment I work as a part-time games artist in a London-based games design studio called Mediatonic. It’s a fast growing piece of a strong industry, and doing what you love (in my case, drawing) for big names like Disney, EA, Microsoft and others is a very rewarding thing to do.

3 IHLET: We love the fact that you publish your progress on some of your art-works. That’s an inspiring fact for young artists and everyone loves to see how each artist works from scratch.

Marija:  Yes, I’ve been contacted by a number of beginning artists and designers who are interested in the processes involved into my work. Showing the first and the last stages of art piece creation is also a good example for those who limit their imagination to 3 development stages of a drawing instead of potential 10.

4 IHLET: Do you sell your art-works? I’ve noticed that you do a lot of customized art-works like brooches, pillows and necklaces. Are you doing this for particular clients or you like to extend your art on new surfaces. If you do sell, we’d love to tell our readers from where they can buy your stuff.

Marija:  Usually if someone wants to buy a piece of art, they contact me directly via blog, facebook or email. Jewellery, cushions and other 3D objects I draw on are more like something for me to play with, and I haven’t thought it through seriously just yet. As my friend told me once, I need an agent. Might be a good idea.

5 IHLET: We sense a very personal approach in your illustrations. How do you choose your subjects? What inspires you?

Marija:  Usually there are everyday situations that can make me think and analyse, come up with ideas. Anything can be inspiring, from a cute or touching thing spotted on a street, or from a new way of mixing two colours together.

6 IHLET: Because we are always interested in discovering new artists we would like to know who you currently appreciate and follow and maybe you’ll be able to read more about them on Ihlet.com.

Marija: There are couple of people I follow on Tumblr (that’s the best way of keeping in touch with what’s going on) who create funny and inspiring pieces. Great comic artists and illustrators that are worth checking would be Marlo Meekins, Carolyn Nowak, and Loish. Also just going through what gets posted here is a great source of inspiration and the power of incredibly skilled illustration.

7 IHLET: Any future plans and projects that you’d like to share with us?

Marija: I can’t wait to graduate from my University and get into my career without anything distracting me from constantly supplying the world with fresh arty stuff! Staying in games industry for the nearest future, with some hopes of getting closer to being a professional illustrator in several years. Yes, I’ve got it thought through and sorted which might seem boring, but trust me – the path I’m taking is more entertaining, desired and rewarding than the destination itself! The blog I’ve got is something that gets most of my attention in terms of updates. Everyone is free to take a look or follow, sharing is caring. Here it is!


Featuring Ilustrator Marija Tiurinaaaron