Glimpse into Charlotte Caesar's Illustrated Galaxy

1 IHLET: Bonjour, Charlotte. Please tell us something about you and your area of interest.

Charlotte Caesar: Hi there, my name is Charlotte Bourgeois aka Caesar I’m 22 years old and I was born in Northern France. I spend my time in Belgium for my studies at the AcadĂ©mie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai in the digital Art Department and I want to be a digital illustrator.

2 IHLET: When did you start doing art and what kept you motivated to take this path seriously?

Charlotte Caesar: Dear God I can’t even remember when I have started to make art. I was maybe around 3 or 4 years old. I’m sure of one thing: I was very young. I have always been very creative and I have a lot of imagination. Art is just a natural way of expression for me. What motivates me? Again, It’s hard to explain but Art is just my way, it’s not a job for me it’s my passion. I love pictures, illustrations, colors, to dream, to communicate with people.

3 IHLET: How do you choose your subjects?

Charlotte Caesar: I’m a geek, I love Sci-fi, video games and more. Most of my work is about this awesome world. I don’t put Lara Croft in all my drawings but I take some things for here or here to create my own world.

4 IHLET: How does music influence your work? I’ve noticed that you have made various album covers and posters for musicians

Charlotte Caesar: YES, YES and YES all the time anywhere, I can’t live without all my playlists. I hear lots of styles, I just search for the best motivation to draw. So yes, sometimes I make some covers and posters. I can be able to have my own Bon Iver at home.

5 IHLET: Tell us something about your technique. What’s the process behind your art-works?

Charlotte Caesar: It’s very easy, first drawing, and Photoshop my best friend. I use my lovely wacom bamboo tablet and my 6 years old macbook, my love, the only one. I also take some pictures outside to make textures that I put in my art.

6 IHLET: Would you like to mention any experiences or collaborations that have been important for your artistic development?

Charlotte Caesar: I just would like to thank my father who has show me the world of videogames and internet and photoshop ah ah. He’s very creative too and is my first fan. I have to thank to HervĂ© Creach too, a french Illustrator and teacher who has give me the first feedback about my work just before to start university. I love to work with my friends in Art, to share is very important for me.

7 IHLET: Tell us about your relationship with the multimedia environment and animation.

Charlotte Caesar: When I was 5 years old, I was in front of Jurassic Park, at 6 I have finished alone the first Tomb Raider. As child to now I touch the world of animation, video games and pictures. At 10 years old it was my first experience with Photoshop, I knew nothing about it. Ever since, I have never stopped. I’m always in touch with this world. Every day, at every moment, it’s one more time my passion. My little bubble that makes me happy.

8 IHLET: Any future plans and projects that you would like to share with us?

Charlotte Caesar: I really want to work and close all this years of studies. I want to be able to see more things about digital art. I wait about a french mate to create a little animation. I’m close to building my own online portfolio (a real one with special effects and unicorns).

Glimpse into Charlotte Caesar's Illustrated Galaxyaaron