Street Art in Mexico City – Chilango

1 Street Art Chilango has taken to the task of helping Mexico’s City’s walls get covered with amazing graffiti murals. Taking its name from the very colloquial demonym used for residents of Mexico City, the organization started in 2013 has been supporting street artists, by managing new mural creations as well as organizing workshops. for almost two years in an exemplary fashion.

2 As people from cities all around the world are familiar with, graffiti is a popular form for both art expressions as well as vandalizing property. This last factor, often gives artists a bad reputation among their fellow citizens.

3 So far all the murals coordinated by Street Art Chilango are living proof of how alive streets become whenever one of them is finished. Styles are as diverse as Mexico City itself, and every artist that collaborates with Chilango, provides the continuously built city, with their very own style.

4 Here is where Chilango has come in to clean graffiti artists’ reputation and show how mesmerizing and important can their work be for a city as big and diversely populated as Mexico City. Even their offices are a gallery that exposes people to the potential held within this endeavor as well as street art itself. Whenever someone is interested in having their own property’s walls used to host a mural, they can contact Chilango.

5 Afterwards, Chilango helps by managing contact with artists, agreeing on what is expected and providing everything for them until the final result is achieved. Chilango supports both famous and emerging artists for amazing results. Not only that, but they organize tours through the city to expose people in a first hand way to both creators and creations.

6 Chilango has also taken advantage of social networking through the Internet in order for more people to become familiarized with street art and a lot of Mexican artists from all around the country. It is exciting to think of the achievements to come in the future, along with cities filled with more and more graffiti.

Street Art in Mexico City - Chilangoaaron