Surreal Photography by Giada Laiso

1 IHLET: How did your relationship with art begin? What kept you motivated to carry on?

Giada Laiso: I went to high school of Art and I studied painting for five years and this has greatly influenced my photography style. I started taking pictures a few years ago. I had many ideas in my mind and I wanted to express them through photography. I’ve always preferred portraits because they demonstrate souls of people better than anything else. After every shot I learned something new, my inspiration increased and I had many new ideas to experiment.

2 IHLET: Please take us behind your lens. How do you go from scratch to final art-work?

Giada Laiso: I take notes of every interesting idea that comes in my mind, trying to immaginate it in a picture. When i know exactly what i want to represent i choose the model and the location.Every shot it’s studied previously, when i come at the location i know what i have to do to realize it.

3 IHLET: Which are your most essential tools of creation?

Giada Laiso: I’m guided by my dreams, I want to make true and real my imagination through photography.

4 IHLET: How do you choose your subjects and scenery?

Giada Laiso: I want to represent dreamy and mysterious atmospheres so i choose settings that are not identified to a specific place, i think that this makes more interesting the shot.

5 IHLET: Your delicate fantastic approach of style leaves an open space for interpretation of story? Are your photographs intended to have a narrative content? Would you share some stories that inspired your set-ups?

Giada Laiso: I hope that those who observe my photos could recognize themselves in my pictures, living a mysterious dream.I hope to make their imagination run.  I think that post production helps me to create what I have in my mind that in reality would not be possible, each photograph has been studied previously based on what I want to communicate with it, each story starts from my imagination.

6 IHLET: What inspires you as an artist?

Giada Laiso: I’m inspired by a lots of artists like Gregory Crewdson, Istvan Sandorfi and more others.

7 IHLET: What are you future plans and projects?

Giada Laiso: I’ve just started a new series entitled “Rebirths”, it talks about make decisions, start new lives without knowing what will be happen.

Surreal Photography by Giada Laisoaaron